“Beverly and Wally of All Pet Special Care have taken care of my 13 year old Shih Tzu several times over the years.They are very gentle, kind, and conscientious. They are also very experienced, having raised beagles for 18 years and an Indian Ringneck bird for 15 years.
I would highly recommend their services.” Jan H.


"Wally and Beverly were the best pet sitters ever! They followed all my instructions, exactly as I had asked. My doggie stayed at home while I travelled, and they came in to walk and feed him on schedule. My dog was so well taken care of that, now, whenever we walk by their house, my dog tries to turn into their driveway, because he now thinks of them as his second set of parents (they live close by to me). I'm so grateful that they did such a fantastic job. The last time I was away, I left my dog at a kennel, and he was literally traumatized for about three days afterwards! I'm truly thankful that Wally and Beverly are here to help." Deanne S.


“It was a relief knowing that you guys were watching Beau.” Emily S.

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